The requirements in civil engineering projects are increasingly demanding: ambitious tasks, challenging environments, major pressure on time and budget while meeting high quality standards are key characteristics of many projects. Well-founded data and information ready when necessary are a prerequisite for your project's success.

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In collaboration with our technology associates and in-house specialists, we provide state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your needs.

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Amberg Infra7D- the service provider for your measuring tasks

Our survey data – your foundation for a successful project

To accomplish your challenging and versatile tasks, meaningful and comprehendible measurement data is required. Our surveying engineers acquire this data and enable i.e. help you:

  • Control quality, time and budget
  • Optimize and solidify planning and designing
  • A smooth and efficient construction process
  • Successfully meet all requirements and demands
  • A solid foundation to base your decisions on
  • Comply with safety regulations & Secure risk management
  • Avoid unforeseen issues

Everything from a single source – a direct link to all your information

Whether you work on road construction or civil engineering, superstructures or infrastructure facilities, our extensive experience allows us to assist you through all stages of your operation.  From planning to finishing the construction works, Amberg Infra 7D offers all necessary surveying tasks. 

Your advantages:

  • Only one contact partner
  • Fewer interfaces
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Time and cost savings
  • Fast response time  

Our expertise and synergies – your advantage

The strong networking of Amberg infra 7D within Amberg Group provides you easy access to all available fields of work, expertise, technology and experience. 

Amberg Infra 7D offers more than just single services but also complete solutions. The necessary tasks can be completed economically and efficiently and designed to optimally suit the needs of the customer.  

Customised surveying

Special tasks require solutions developed for the specific project. With specialist skills, an innovative attitude and hardware and software optimally matched to the required results, we solve unusual project requirements.

We will help you achieve your goals

Our surveying engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology (GNSS, totalstations, levelling, laserscanners) will be at your disposal to carry out varying surveying jobs:

  • Basic surveying (digital terrain models, control network, etc.)
  • Stake-out (excavation sites, batter boards, axes, etc.)
  • Control measurements
  • Monitoring

Service packages tailored to your specific needs for specialized subtasks can be provided:

  • Provision and setup of motor laser with handover to the foreman to independently handle simple surveying tasks.
  • Temporary staff (eg. Vacation substitutes, bridging personnel bottlenecks, on site with-in 24h)  

Save yourself the trouble in the future

As construction space is often limited there is a considerable risk of damaging infrastructure in the surrounding area during the construction period. A professional and independent "Existing Condition Survey" can protect you from unwarranted and un-just claims. It is usually conducted pre-construction, by capturing high-resolution photographic imagery, which is then assessed for damages and compiled into a concise report. Additionally, using permanently installed monitoring systems, possible emissions induced through the construction can be recognized early on allowing for correct measures to be taken. Typical surveying works for preserving evidence can include:

  • Documentation of the current state - Photography
  • Tear monitoring
  • Deformation monitoring of surrounding buildings (geodetic and geotechnical measurements)
  • Measurement of settlement
  • Seismic measurement
  • Noise measurement
  • Water level measurement

With certainty more security

It is essential to be able to detect changes and alterations early on to be able to intervene and take the necessary actions: whether excavation sites, unstable slopes, bridges or buildings – by installing permanent monitoring systems you gain reliability and profitability.

Amberg GeoMonitoring is a real-time monitoring system developed inhouse by Amberg Technologies. Using a PC or smartphone you can access the measurement data online on the Webservice GEOvis. Our 24/7 disposition service including alarming guarantees seam-less security and makes crucial information available around the clock. The Amberg Ge-oMonitoring system can be applied in various cases:

  • Seismic measurements on neighbouring buildings or objects at risk
  • Anchor load measurement
  • Strain measurement (eg. steel supports used for bracing)
  • Sheet pile monitoring
  • Monitoring of inclination changes due to civil or industrial activities
  • Excavation site monitoring
  • Water level measurement
  • Settlement monitoring (eg. in embankments, tunnels or other civil structures)
  • Initial load measurement (eg. bridge piers)
  • Noise measurement
  • Monitoring of environmental emissions  
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