Digital construction at a glance

The precise recording and modeling of already existing infrastructure forms the basis for all further phases of a project.

The creation of specialized models such as;

  • DTM
  • GIS
  • Rail and Road Traffic Facilities
  • Land Management
  • LST and/or OLA

enable effective support in the planning, implementation and management of infrastructure projects.

BIM 2 Field or "BIM construction monitoring" enables construction progress to be monitored during the construction phase and BIM models to be checked by comparing the target/actual status (point cloud to model).

This allows construction projects to be handled more efficiently, as potential problems can be identified and rectified at an early stage, which ultimately leads to time and cost savings

The Top Left Image is the Visual Check tool. Here you can compare directly the BIM Model with the Pointcloud.

The Bottom Left image is the Visaul Difference Tool where a 5 cm tolerance is allowed to compare pointcloud to model 

BIM management and consulting for Scan2BIM projects is an effective execution and advice on converting scan data into usable BIM models and is central to infrastructure projects. This is made possible by our team of already BuildingSmart certified BIM managers and coordinators. BIM management and consulting play a crucial role in achieving optimal results and increasing the quality and efficiency of projects for years to come. 

From the real world to the digital twin. Amberg Infra 7D specializes in transferring infrastructure that has already been built into the digital world and ensuring the digital consistency of data and information.

Our Scan to BIM services utilize a variety of instruments, picked according to specific job requirements. Our in-house experts take care of the information acquisition and extraction. The final deliverable, a multi-disciplinary information package ready for any subsequent phase of the infrastructure lifespan; design, construction, operation or the maintenance process.

Utilizing BIM modeling enables clients to perceive complex infrastructure in an immersive and modular 3D setting. Insights drawn from this allow efficient decisions to be made for the long-term asset management. Consider BIM to be the central hub to which all relevant project and object information can be attached.

  • As Built Modeling
  • BIM 2 Field
  • BIM Management and Consulting

If you are still relying on traditional methods of surveying, but see the potential of BIM to assists your workflow, don’t wait any longer and elevate your projects with our highly skilled team.

We enrich your data and think infrastructure in new dimensions.

We are pleased to carry out your project

In collaboration with our technology associates and in-house specialists, we provide state-of-the-art solutions and instruments tailored to your needs.

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