For decades Amberg experts have been providing innovative solutions for designing, building and maintaining infrastructure all around the globe. The realisation of Amberg Infra 7D AG as a stand alone member of the Amberg Group arose from the high demand of our services. The slider bar below shows the major steps taken throughout the years to come to this fruitful moment.


It is through our people, the latest technology and our partnerships that we can provide inovtive solutions to our clients throughout all stages of an assets lifecycle. Weather it is in planning, design, built or maintenance stage of their project

Amberg Infra 7D, a Swiss company meeting global demands.

  • Founded in 2024
  • About 20 employees
  • More than 40 years of rich history and experience as service department of Amberg Technologies AG
  • Bundled competencies of the Amberg Group
  • Over 15 long-standing trusted international partners
  • Countless significant projects nationally and internationally

Amberg Infra 7D is a Swiss company belonging to the Amberg Group. The services of the Amberg Group encompass interdisciplinary planning processes, consulting, project management as well as research and development related to civil infrastructure systems. The individual firms of the Amberg Group rank among the leading companies in their respective fields of specialisation.