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The vertical shaft Sedrun is a key element of the tunnel system of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. To ensure structural safety and serviceability, regular inspection services are necessary. 

Amberg Infra 7D has developed a unique mapping system that enables high-precision reality capturing of the 800 m deep shaft. A digital workflow with in-office condition assessment minimizes the impact on tunnel operations and establishes a solid basis for economic long-term strategies.

Shaft Sedrun GBT (CH)

The Glasgow subway opened in 1896, making it one of the oldest metro systems in the world.

In order to plan a fully automated and driverless operation, Amberg performed a highly precise track geometry and 3D reality data capturing. Based on this data, a comprehensive analysis of the clearance profile was performed and geometrical requirements for new train models defined.

Glasgow Subway (SCO)

For the verification of the tramway network of the Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe, comprehensive 3D data is required. Amberg carried out a comprehensive reality capturing during ongoing operations and without line closures. 

The laser scanning data was used to create a geo-referenced 3D point cloud, with the help of which the actual track positions and track parameters could be determined and clearance analyses performed. Furthermore, the Mobile Mapping data enabled highly accurate contact wire and rail wear analysis.

Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (CH)

The new railway tunnel in Rastatt underpass the existing high-speed railway Karlsruhe-Basel in a shallow angle over a length of about 500 m.

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) required, in addition to the geodetic monitoring, a second redundant system with high reliability and no dependency on weather condition.

Amberg's TrackControl system was chosen to ensure the safety of ongoing rail operations.

Tunnel Rastatt (DE)

In the course of redesigning the light installations at Zurich Airport train station, Amberg was commissioned by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to develop a comprehensive and highly accurate 3D as-built BIM model. The model serves as the basis for project planning including design visualisations and clash detection of the clearance profile.

The entire reality capturing of all four tracks was carried out within one single night closure using kinematic laser scanning. Subsequently, the 3D model was created with different level of details (LOD).

SBB Zurich Airport (CH)

The Landecker Tunnel is a single-tube road tunnel on the A12 Inntal highway in Austria. Amberg performed the main tunnel inspection using the cloud solution Amberg Inspection and machine learning for semi-automatic damage detection.

In addition, a variant study for the elaboration of an optimised escape and ventilation concept was conducted to meet the updated requirements according to the Road Tunnel Safety Act (STSG).

Landecker Tunnel (AUT)