No matter whether it is a railway track, a motorway, a mountain road or a tunnel, Amberg Technologies offers a wide range of measurement systems and services for a fast and trouble-free data acquisition and monitoring of the surrounding objects. Our high-speed surveying systems and customised services generate 3D point cloud data for clearance analyses, track analyses and damage inspections accessible on desktop software applications as well as a cloud platform. We also help our customers with a BIM support service.


Amberg Infra 7D has its roots in traditional survey services and this has not been lost to time and progress. But as the construction sector evolves so do our survey techniques and products therefore always providing you with the latest technology and services


Amberg's solutions support underground construction in all construction phases. Our System Solutions combine precise measuring instruments with task-specific software to significantly improve efficiency in tunnel construction and maintenance projects. A high degree of automation in measurement tasks, constant integration of customer feedback and innovative products are the foundation of our success.


Renewable energy is expected to be the fastest growing source of energy, with consumption rising by an average of 2.3% per year between 2015 and 2040. The world's second most important source of energy is expected to be nuclear, with consumption rising by 1.5% per year over that period.


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