Amberg TrackControl is the new innovative monitoring solution for railway tracks assuring highest reliability and safety.

Amberg TrackControl monitors all safety-relevant track parameters such as superelevation, twist and vertical versine regardless of the weather conditions and in a high interval of one minute. 

Data acquisition takes place reliably once every minute

  • The system works independently of weather-related restrictions such as rain, snow or fog.
  • Even standing or passing trains cause no problems for the geotechnical sensors.
  • Highest safety for railway operation due to high measurement accuracy, reliability and application of advanced analyse methods.
  • Low personnel and maintenance costs thanks to simple and compact design.
  • With the GEOvis 4.0 platform, real-time measurement data can be retrieved, visualized and analyzed at any time and from anywhere. 
  • The integrated alarm function informs you in real time by email or SMS.
  • The system is suitable for the following areas of application:

                       - For construction sites close to railway tracks.

                       - For underpassing construction measures (pipe jacking, tunnels, underpasses, etc.)

                       - When using auxiliary bridges.



View an in depth video about Amberg Infra 7D Track Control & GEOvis 4.0! 

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The essential information in real time

Amberg TrackControl reliably measures:

  • Track twist
  • Cant
  • Vertical versine and settlement once every minute

An internationally proven system

Amberg TrackControl is a proven track monitoring system, which is successfully used in projects of national and private railway companies in Switzerland, Germany and France.

The reliable alarming during past failures proves the high functionality of the system. With Amberg TrackControl, you always have your track movements under control and increase the safety of your railway infrastructure.

With our international partner network, we guarantee a reliable customer support.

A modular system tailored to your project

  • The basic module measures deformations with 48 longitudinal, 12 transverse and optionally four mast sensors on a track length of 56 meters.
  • Extension of the base module by connecting up to five additional modules to a total length of up to 340 meters
 Basic ModuleMax. setup
 (6 modules)
Longitudinal sensors (uniaxial)  48288
Transverse sensors   (uniaxial) 12 27
Mast sensors (optional, biaxial)24
Temperature limitations -50ºC to  +80ºC
Distance between longitudinal sensors 1.2 meters
Distance between transverse sensors4.8 meters

Amberg GEOvis 4.0 - Your platform for GeoMonitoring projects

  • Efficient installation with the latest generation of sensors! Amberg TrackControl with flexible plug connections and innovative magnet fastening.
  • Quick and easy installation, module extension and deinstallation without obstructing railway operations.
  • Measurement of absolute and/or relative track deformations using georeferencing of sensors.
Data acquisitionAccuracy
Superelevations+/- 1.0 mm
Twist+/- 0.2 ‰
Vertical versine+/- 1.0 mm      
Vertical settlement+/- 3.5 mm
Measurement frequency1x per minute (or less)

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