Solutions & Services

Amberg realises innovative, customised solutions for shafts. No matter how small the diameter or what its purpose might be, our specialists will support you throughout the entire lifecycle.

Amberg GeoMonitoring

Amberg GeoMonitoring offers you the highest measure of safety in the shaft, on the surface and all related infrastructures.


Amberg TunnelSurveying

TunnelSurveying is a core competence of Amberg. Our customers benefit from our comprehensive surveying servicesand cutting-edge technology, which is the result of many years of experience.


Amberg Mobile Mapping

High-speed surveying and customized services like clearance analyses, damage inspection, conservation of evidence, cloud platform or BIM support.


Amberg Inspection Services

Amberg Infra 7D provides high efficiency maintenance services for your infrastructure thanks to innovative 3D data capture technologies and artificial intelligence within our web platform - Amberg Inspection Cloud


Digital Construction

The precise recording and modeling of already existing infrastructure forms the basis for all further phases of a project. Welcome to BIM