No matter whether it is a railway track, a motorway, a mountain road or a tunnel, Amberg Infra7D offers a wide range of measurement systems and services for a fast and trouble-free data acquisition and monitoring of the surrounding objects. Our high-speed surveying systems and customised services generate 3D point cloud data for clearance analyses, track analyses and damage inspections accessible on desktop software applications as well as a cloud platform. We also help our customers with a BIM support service.


Worldwide millions of passengers travel every day comfortably and safely on tracks built and maintained with measurement systems engineered by Amberg Infra7D.


Urban Rail / Metro

Amberg Infra7D offers the entire range of systems and services needed for the construction, inspection and maintenance of the tracks and the tunnels.



Safe and reliable roads are indispensable for a functioning economy. We offer the whole range of surveying and geotechnical services for their construction and monitoring.